Monday, April 25, 2011

Harvester's Apron

A woman asked me if I could make a half apron with “extra large wide deep pockets” for her to wear while harvesting her garden. She said, “I have lots of okra and I don’t like putting them in, then carrying around, a plastic grocery bag.”

I’ve made a couple of different designs, wondering which would work best. Since we haven’t received any significant rain in months, we don’t have a garden this year, so I can’t test them out!

What it is:
What it could be:

I made this apron with the woman in mind, but my step-daughter fell in love with it before the other woman was able to see it!

After pondering more about how to make/attach the “extra large wide deep pockets” I recently designed/created a different style:

Because of the busy print, you can’t really see the tiny pleats going across the bottom to give the fullness it needs to hold the collected produce! And, you can’t see the inside the pocket pocket! That small inside pocket has a flap with a hook & loop closure to keep a cell phone from slipping out while working in the garden!

(In my humble opinion, always carry your cell phone (any phone) while out working in the garden. It may save your life in case of an emergency!)

I think it needs a button at the center pocket stitching, but I don’t have the perfect one in my stash! It’s on my shopping list, along with a swatch of the fabric!

This harvester’s apron also has a matching sunbonnet. I’ll write “the rest of the story” in tomorrow’s post!

Please pray for rain!!!

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  1. Prayers for rain continue. I love the Harvest Apron, especially nice for okra which gets your hands "itchy" when carrying it around. Since gardening is my favorite activity...the Harvest Apron is a must!!!


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