Friday, July 15, 2011

Managing Non-Fabric Items

In my quest to find what will work for me in managing trim, notions, tools, and other things, I did an Internet search and discovered so many wonderful ideas! Especially those that don’t require spending money (been there, done that, and I’m still disorganized)!

I’d much rather use recycled materials found about the house! Maybe it will take a little time and a little product to spruce up (so I don’t always see that it was once a cereal box), but no big deal!

Actually, while doing this search I realized how many recycled things I already use, and some I have for years! Here are a few that I have in place:

The lone survivor from a set of tall tea/water glasses I’ve found perfect to hold a 12” ruler, pencils, pens, markers, and the (favorite of all time) turning tools. Glass works well, much better than plastic would because of its weight.

For Christmas ‘10, grandson’s received Hex Bugs. I pulled out of daughter’s trash bin these cool tube-shaped packaging the bugs came in and I knew the minute I saw them (I got 4!), they would hold bobbins perfectly! It’s a pain to dump them all out to get to the one needed, but I can deal with it. I need to take the time to peel the labeling off, make them look nicer. I will, when I don’t have anything else to do! Maybe sweetie would do it? I’m sure if I simply ask… be right back. Yep! He’s doing it!

I've tried twice, while shopping at Wal-Mart, to purchase more bobbins for my Pfaff. Although the packaging says they are for "Pfaff", when I get home, they don't fit! Rather than trek the 50 miles round trip to return them, I use the oversized bobbins to transfer thread off the correct bobbins, to free one up. That way, I have the "right" size with the "right" color I need for a new project. These oversized bobbins I keep in an old moisturizer jar rather than one of my Hex Bug tubes!

When I discovered most of my ribbon spools fit nicely in the box my mid-morning daily dose of Boost comes in, I was thrilled! Of course, they now have changed the packaging. Trust me, the new & “improved” 12-pack container won’t work for this purpose. (Why can’t they just leave things alone?)

Today, I’m going to cover the “Boost” boxes using some fabric and Mod-Podge…dress them up some!

For ribbon/lace off its spool, I cut wide pieces of cardboard and wrap whatever around, stapling at the beginning to hold in place. I use tape to secure the final end (pins tend to rust with our high humidity). I’m working on using plastic from gallon milk jugs because I’m a little concerned about using non-acid free cardboard. What laces I don’t use, won’t survive to become “vintage” lace in years to come!

The "arrangement" isn't working too well... must do something different...

Not too long ago, a friend of my mother’s cleaned out her costume jewelry (and some fine jewelry, too) box of items she didn’t want anymore. She put them in a large baggy and gave the assortment to me! I had so much fun going through the stash! I took some cardboard and punched holes, so clip-on earrings would fit nicely, or dress/hat pins. Larger, single items I put in a smaller baggy. These items will embellish upcoming projects!

I have a collection of vintage tins. I love tins of all shapes and sizes. It’s where I keep items such as loose, single buttons and wooden spools of thread (something you can’t buy any longer)! Some boxes I have are nice, though the insides are messy!

My heart shaped box is not going to cut it much longer as I have twice as many spools of embroidrey thread still in the Joann's sack!

Oh, my thread situation is a total loss...
And this is just ONE tub!

Back to boxes, I have a series of boxes I covered years ago with wallpaper trimmed with lace and ribbon. I think they need a face lift. These are basically empty, or hold quilting supplies I don’t use anymore. I may take the boxes and do their face-lifts, too, while I have the mod-podge out!

I know I need more ways to organize my stash of non-fabric, critical things! I’m constantly looking for new ways, new ideas…

What do you use to organize? How do you store your critical things? Please share your cleverness!

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