Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pet-Friendly Environment

Yesterday was travel and recoup day! I had a late start leaving Dallas due to the torrential rainstorm we experienced, but I eventually made it out! I thoroughly enjoyed my homecoming! It was quickly evident everyone missed me as much as I missed them!

Beth was beside herself and couldn’t give me enough kisses! Anna didn’t know which way to go – to me or to chew on Beth’s head! Once the initial greeting ended, the truck was unloaded, and Bud and I sat down for a “Country” cup of coffee, Anna began bringing me all her toys. Every now and then, Beth would sneak in another kiss until all the excitement had run its course and the soon-to-be twelve year old had to take a nap!

Anna then disappeared for quite some time. I didn’t go look for her. I knew exactly where she was! I had closed the door to my studio before leaving for Dallas last Wednesday. While unloading, many things went from the truck straight into the studio so the door was opened, and has remained open since. She had her bed back! She was a happy camper!

It is well known, I create in a smoke-free, pet friendly environment! I wouldn’t know what to do without my girls "supervising my work"!

Now making a “to-do” list … putting things in priority order:

(1)                  Unpack!
(2)                  Organize new goodies brought from Dallas
(3)                  Create Momma’s Mother’s Day Gift
(4)                  Finish Bride’s Apron
(5)                  Wash and prep fabric for the Tasha apron
(6)                  Explore other’s blogs and learn at least 10 new things
(7)                  Work on High School Reunion
(8)                  Not to mention – clean up this house!

I’m off! Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

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