Sunday, June 26, 2011

Celebration Banner / Adapting Instructions

I’ve thought about creating a banner for quite some time now, but hadn’t until yesterday. It wasn’t until I saw Joann’s Fabrics’ “Patriotic Flags Banner” post on my Facebook page that prompted me to actually do it! They offered a free download with instructions and an example drawing that ended up being the perfect size for my girls!

I adapted their instructions, however, to fit my specific needs (which also made it much easier)! You can follow their directions, mine, or a variation of the two… you’re the creator!

I recently completed a “Proud to Be An American” series for 18” dolls using different red, white, blue fabric combinations. I had all but one piece that had enough leftovers to make the size flags I wanted. After cutting out the template from a cereal box, I began tracing around it, on the back side of the fabric using a #2 pencil. I then cut them all out!

(I tried using a rotary cutter around it, but didn’t work well with my hands.)
Rather than cutting 2 pieces per flag as they instructed – and sewing together, turning right side out – I only did one, then used the HeatnBond product (following to the T its instructions). I sacrificed a pillowcase in the process! But, better than my ironing board cover!

Once all had the HeatnBond applied, and pieces peeled off the pillowcase, I did trim off (using the rotary cutter & a straight edge on the forgiving mat) the plasticy thingys around the edge. You’ll see what I mean if you use this product.

I finger-pressed the casing part, then began sewing them all together without breaking the thread in between. You’ll see I started off with a scrap square. I do this most of the time when sewing anything as it keeps the threads from twisting & looping all over the place when first starting off!

Once all sewn, I clipped the connecting threads and took them back to the ironing board, to spread out and place them in the order I wanted. Satisfied, I stacked them up, took them over to my “working” tv stand and began threading them together using curling ribbon. I made sure I had a BUNCH of extra to the length before cutting the ribbon! Secure BIG knot in the ribbon at the beginning. Wait until all the in-between ties are in place before knotting the end.

While watching television, I used our portable telephone as the length measurement then cut the red/white/blue curling ribbon for each tie in between the flags.

TIP: When working together with multiple spools of curling ribbon, keep the ends of the ribbon taped together & stuck to the surface when not in use (can use same piece of tape over & over again! It saves so much time rather than fishing for it each time. I didn’t pre-cut each color the appropriate lengths as I didn’t want to keep up with little pieces of ribbon! But, maybe that approach will work for you.That’s it! I adapted the instructions and created a super Celebration Banner, perfect for my girls!

Bottom line: Don’t look at a set of instructions and think you must follow them to the letter! Adapt, modify! Change it up, shake it up! Create! Make it work for you!

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  1. Oh I love how that turned out Lanetta!! Great Job


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