Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Collecting Memories

Tomorrow begins National Sewing Month! Last year I posted daily throughout the month of September offering tips and suggestions, providing step-by-step directions how to make a simple project, etc. Things are a bit different on the home front this year. I’ll try my “bestest” to share more projects I’ve been doing, what others have created, and where to find great tutorials on the net, just not every day!

After almost a month, I’m still in Dallas, a three hour drive away from home. The game plan is for me to return this Friday! Oh, and when I do, I’ll list new aprons in the studio I’ve created in between helping my parents! For me, sewing is a stress-buster! Thank goodness I thought ahead and brought my machine and cut-out projects ready to sew up!

There is a sweet story to share, and I will, when I have a picture of the little girl’s apron I made last week! It’s primarily honeysuckle, yellow, red, and is a cutie (if I do say so myself)!!!

While in Dallas, and have had all the wonderful stores readily available, I’ve done a little shopping, too! Before lunch with a friend, today is my last chance to collect a few more items I know I’ll need later, once home and miles away from any fabric/craft store.

I was in fabric heaven the other day… a close friend of my mother’s ~ 92 years old ~ is downsizing and will be moving north soon to be closer to her family. She was an excellent, beautiful seamstress in her day but can’t sit at a machine, or cut out things, any longer.

Irma called Mother a couple of weeks ago, said she was thinking of Mother & me, knowing we both love to sew, and asked if we would be interested in going through her stash and taking all the fabric we wanted!

Mother & I finally managed to coordinate schedules with her and when we got over there, she led us into her sewing room, slid open the closet door, and basically said, “Go for it.” Oh my goodness! After two plus hours and two trips to the car we had gone through luscious, beautiful pieces bought to make this or that but never did. In addition, viewing her numerous collections and how she displayed various items about her sewing/guest bedroom ~ her entire warm & welcoming home ~ gave me much more than simply fabric. It’s been over fifteen years since I’ve been inside her house. But I remembered it well once I stepped back inside. I went on overload and almost had a system failure with the mental creative ideas going on in my head!

She’s a delightful, special lady, who I’ve also known for several years in my own right. I’m blessed this woman is part of my life. I wonder if she’d let me come over and take pictures how she has her collections displayed?!? I bet she would! I would love to share with you! I would love to remember how she did it! Need to make that call!

Do you have a collection of something? How do you have them displayed? Would love if you would share!

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