Friday, August 12, 2011

Quiet on the home front

I’m so thankful/grateful I also have a house in Dallas. It’s been a lifesaver, especially the past couple of weeks and projecting forward to the next month. It’s located next door to my parents ~ the house I grew up in ~ the place my heart calls home. We were extremely lucky when this house became available and bought it immediately.

The first thing we did - installed a gate between the backyard’s dividing fence! It’s worked out wonderfully for all concerned! I can go over there in my robe, without the neighbors spying me! It makes it very convenient for Mother or Daddy to walk over, check on the house, and pick up any mail received while we’re at the country. Sometimes Momma uses it as her art studio when we aren’t here. I love seeing her easel set up with a painting in progress. Her oils and acrylics are positioned on a table in the little den area that once was the third bedroom. (We took out a closet & made a passage way which created a circle in the original floor plan. A Zen thing to do!) The girls love running the course between our two yards ~ chasing squirrels, watching Granny’s back as she tends to her flowers, and also visiting with their Papo.

My Girls

For this trip, I brought my sewing machine and some projects I’d cut out several weeks ago to start, and a few to complete before next week. I have a card table set up in the living room as my sewing table/station. It’s a tight squeeze in the room with just me here. Must change/remove in a few days when everyone else arrives! But for now, sewing helps relieve the stress, accomplishing something, looking toward the future.

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