Thursday, November 10, 2011

Online Newspaper

I recently discovered – – an online newspaper anyone can create for free. So, I thought I’d give it a try! As far as my newspaper is concerned, it’s still in the “beta” stage while I figure out what information to include (from others) and how best to get everything pooled together. The paper I created is called “Lanetta’s Creations – News Found!” and is automatically updated twice a day. (This link probably will stay on today's date, evening edition, so you'll have to click the Archives to get to the calendar to click whatever date you're looking at it!)

Anyhoo... an email is sent to me whenever the new edition is released. Others can subscribe to it as well!

To get started, I identified various #hash tags from Twitter, keywords on Facebook and Google+, and a RSS feed. Whatever is searched out and found, by their magic workings, should be included. I don’t yet know how well this will work, and if it will be of interest to others. I’m still learning from what others have figured out and will learn more as I go along, and time permits!

Bottom line if you want to give it a try & create your own newspaper, be inspired and have fun! Please share your link!

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