Sunday, November 6, 2011

Repurposed Straight Away

The other day, my mother showed/gave me a piece of fabric. At first glance, I saw something different than what was supposed to be “the” plan. The fabric had an imprint of a Christmas vest to simply cut/sew/trim following their printed instructions along the panel’s border.

I taped the panel to my refrigerator so you can see what I’m talking about … no, I didn’t lay the frig down on the floor to take this picture!

I didn’t “see” the vest, per se, at all. Rather, I began immediately thinking of how I could turn it into “vest aprons”! Fortunately, coordinating fabric added just the right touch for the skirt part of the chef style aprons! You'll see that in a bit...

I trimmed away excess (a little at a time!) as needed to form the foundation…

Then I started putting it together!

After sewing the last of the buttons on last night, now a new, unique apron exists, ready for the unique chef!

I think the back panel for the vest turned into a nice apron, too!

I say this falls under the category of “Repurpose” – even though it had not yet been made into a vest! I repurposed the manufacturer’s intent. It was a fun challenge that I think turned out charming, if I do say so myself!!!

Think outside the box ... you'll never know what you will create when you do!


  1. I love it, and it is beautiful on you.

  2. I have one of these vest, not made yet into a vest, I think I'll try this, thanks for a great idea.


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