Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How-To Videos for Sewist

I love sharing whenever I stumble across something amazing! Today’s Tuesday Tips are for the Sewist out there! Don’t know about you, but I’m a visual learner and totally appreciate folks who create how-to videos. In fact, I lose track of time watching ~ savoring ~ because I cannot watch just one. It’s like eating a potato chip, one leads to another, then another! Who knows what I’m talking about!?!

This morning, it all started when I discovered the Threads Magazine website. Their videos range from beginner level to experienced wanting/needing a simple refresher or ways to do something differently. Oh my goodness.
Check out the clever technique presented here for creating Two Custom Trims for Your Garments or Home! I’ve seen pricy trims like this, never realizing how simple it would be to create at home! Possibilities are endless using this method to make “loopy seam-tape fringe” and “wild yarn trim” for doll clothes, aprons, and so much more!!! What would you use this on? Pillows?

Another fabulous video from Threads Magazine shares Sally Silvers’ two methods how to create All-in-One Piping and Facing! This was certainly a wow moment whenever two missions can be accomplished once!

Many more how-to videos are available at their site, along with places like YouTube and Google Videos! Try them out! Grab a bag of chips and search “sewing” or “ruffles” or “binding” or whatever you need… you’ll have oodles to watch while you munch!

What's the link to your favorite how-to sewing video?

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