Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Tip - Make Your Own Dress Form

The Main Reason Why I Love Facebook: it’s a community of friends helping one another. It’s the support, prayers, and camaraderie we share, quickly closing the separation gap between the sixth degrees. 
 A prime example of this support/camaraderie,
and the separation gap closing,
is shown through a recent conversation. 

A few days ago, a friend ~I met through another friend ~ posted this question on her Facebook wall:
Ok I have a huge favor to ask. Does anyone know somewhere I can buy a dress form for J? She is really getting into sewing and wants one to create more things.
The first comment came from the friend who introduced us:
Lanetta will probably know. you know me, I'd check amazon!
A response came back:
I found some on there and they are around $60 not including shipping. Hoping to find them cheaper but I know thats gonna be hard.
I didn’t see this conversation until the next morning, Saturday morning about 5:00. When I did, I posted this comment:
I've only seen lady sizes! But, I have seen how to make one! Let me do some searching ... be back later!
About twenty minutes later, I posted the comment:
Oh, my! I did a Google search on "How to build your own dress form" ... do you all have any duct tape? Lots of giggles, but they have a great/clever idea! I shared this YouTube link.
A bit later she writes:
Guess what me and J are making today. :)
Within two hours they went shopping, bought hot pink duct tape & some with butterflies, then returned home, and had created the form! It was DONE! I know this timeframe because she posted pictures of the progress/completed J's Duct Tape Dress Form!

Thank you so much, Stacy,
for allowing me to share the pictures!

Rather than using newspapers, or shopping bags, they used old jeans they had readily available to stuff J's body form. After cutting away seams, pockets, zippers, this is what's left over from the six pairs of jeans used!

On Sunday, J’s sweet, supportive dad constructed the perfect stand to hold the dress form:

Happy Camper J is now ready to design her own fashions! Project Runway, watch out!

Do you need a customized dress form? Have a friend over and make one (or two)! Did you know duct tape now comes in fun colors and prints? Check it out!

Even if you don't sew, or you're not a fashion designer like J, I could see using this dress form for several reasons! Especially one: I hate to iron a blouse or dress, just to hang it up on a coat hanger and let it get "hanger nipples" again while I'm getting ready to go out (otherwise, why iron something, right?)!

Would love to hear if you make one! Or, if you have created a duct tape dress form already, please share any suggestions/tips!


  1. LOVE it! Thanks for sharing the process and adorable pictures!

    1. You're very welcome! Thank you!

      And, thanks for leaving a comment. I cannot tell you how much it means to me!

  2. Just discovered this giveaway of cool Platypus Designer Duct Tape (ends midnight 2/10/12) over on http://lessonplans.craftgossip.com/giveaway/designer-duct-tape-giveaway

    Fun Fun Fun prints !

  3. Thank you so much :-)


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