Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Aprons in the Raw

Back in December, I wrote about creating a new shop section at Lanetta’s Creations called Aprons in the Raw. I did add the section, but I haven’t yet added any items, pictures of fabric pieces one can select to have made into an apron in a style of their choice.

The delay from adding anything comes from my thoughts: how best to do it!

How do I show the different style of aprons possible with a selected piece of fabric and its coordinating colors? How do I indicate the price for this style or that style? What if I price it for a full apron with gathered skirt and bib effect, and the client prefers a straight chef apron, or a waist apron?

This is my dilemma!

For example: I have this lovely piece of retro print fabric and a couple of coordinating pieces:

This would work well in several different styles!

I can envision a chef apron with the retro print as the main focal, pockets in the yellow checked gingham, trimmed with the solid green.

Or, this fabric made into something like my "Fair Design" would be lovely.
 I've created several aprons based on the halter top design, the "Fair Design":
I bought a new pattern, with this retro fabric in mind, from McCall's (but it's not listed on their website!). If I were to do a "spec" apron with this fabric combination, it would be this one:

What to do? What to do? Any suggestions how best I should approach the Aprons in the Raw studio section? Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Oh, Happy Groundhog Day, too!

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