Sunday, April 8, 2012

Never a Waste of Time

The Arts and Crafts Show didn’t go as well as I, or anyone participating, had hoped. Hardly anyone came. I would bet less than a hundred people visited the show all day long. The sponsored committee members were also heartbroken with the poor results. They did a great job in organizing, especially chairperson Joyce, and did their best in pre-advertizing, but folks just didn’t have the interest, time, or money. I realized, being Easter weekend, too many competing events around the area going on at the same time effected the show. It’s always a gamble, we (the vendors) just happened to lose this one.

It’s never a waste of time, however! There are always new vendors to meet and visit with, renew friendships with vendors met before at other events, and see the beautiful smile on a little one's face wearing my handmade apron!

Her mom told her to pick one she liked. I said she could try it on. Dad wanted her to try on another, just to make sure. Cutie refused to take off her first choice. Mom said she wants that one. Dad tried a couple more times to convince her to try on more. Cutie stuffed her fisted hands deeper in the pockets, shaking her head. Mom wrote the check. Dad walked away mumbling. Cutie skipped away. Mom smiled. It was a priceless moment for me!

 Another plus… the drive along our road toward Lampasas always brings peace –

P.S. Never take for granted life’s fleeting moments, as that IS a waste of time!





  1. Thanks for sharing the story of the little girl, it also made my day...BUT the most important your handmade, filled with love as you sewed apron, made this little girl's day and will for days to come. It's the love that keeps on giving. sister


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