Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday Tips

During the wee morning hours, I seize the quiet time and read articles, always wanting to learn new techniques. I found some amazing tips today and had to share. Feel free to pin this article so you can find them easily whenever needed! (If you need an invite to Pinterest, leave your email address in the comments below, or send it to me privately, and I’ll send out the invite.)

I’ve not yet tried making my own bias tape because I didn’t feel I had the correct “tools” necessary. At The Scientific Seamstress Blog site, Carla created and shared a template for us to print out. It looks like it will work perfectly! Will do this soon!  

The (EPIC) scallop” tutorial takes a bit of time to load up, but well worth the wait. I’m such a visual learner and appreciate the detailed photos of each step Hetterson provides!

Someday I will embellish something – an apron, a sweet doll dress, an e-Reader cover, or something – using the silk ribbon embroidery technique. Carla at The Scientific Seamstress Blog again offers visual and written instructions for simple little romantic roses and leaves.

Well, “the sun’s spit morning” (one of my favorite movie quotes from The Owl and the Pussycat, 1970 – and yes, that shows my age!) and I need to get busy sewing! A new product line is coming soon at Lanetta’s Creations!

Happy Sewing!

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