Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day - 2012

The Lord fills my heart with all the wonderful blessings around me.

Thank you, family and friends, and all those I hope to meet someday, I am blessed you are in my life.

I pray each and everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving Day!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

English Peas & Thanksgiving

Where has this year gone? It’s difficult to wrap my head around the fact that this time next week it will be Thanksgiving. My goodness! I need to get my recipes together and a grocery shopping list prepared!

Throughout all the years, I’ve missed sharing only one Thanksgiving Dinner with my parents. I remember that year as if it was yesterday. Although I then lived in Shreveport, work took me to Hot Springs, Arkansas for six weeks training – landing Thanksgiving near the end of the sprint. I just couldn’t make it down to Dallas.

It was an odd feeling that day, eating alone at a restaurant. Since Daddy became a diabetic, I’ve learned more about nutrition and the balance of foods in the diet. Because of the lack of side dishes offered, it was the Thanksgiving I learned to eat English Peas.
2011 Thanksgiving
That Thanksgiving many years ago instilled in me the importance of celebrating the holiday with family, specifically with my parents. When I can spend any day with them, is a celebration within itself. My heart/mind knows I don’t have many left.

For me, Thanksgiving is an extra special time (Christmas is as well, but I’m trying to stay focused here, on point).

Last year, I told Momma I really wanted to prepare “next year’s Thanksgiving” meal for everyone. I rarely entertain anymore. I can’t remember the last time Bud & I had guests over (that’s another story and I’m not going off topic).  

She forgot…

I reminded her.

I’m looking forward to grocery shopping this Sunday afternoon, then Monday when I start baking pies!

Maybe I ought to add English Peas to the menu…

 How will you celebrate Thanksgiving?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Donations for New Jersey - Mail Monday!

This is where I'm sending my (first round of) donations on Monday (11/5/2012):

Lacey United Methodist Church
Attn: Pastor Linda Applegate
203 West Lacey
Forked River
, NJ 08731-3509

Keeping checking their Facebook page for their wish list of needed items! 

After searching the Internet for a contact somewhere along the hit-hardest Northeast coast line after Hurricane Sandy, this is the article I found that caught my eye and caused me to call:

I spoke with an Elaine, a church member and volunteer that runs the church’s Thrift Shop. When I told her I was calling from Texas and wanted to know how we could help, she was so excited!

She also shared there are several other shelters in the area and Lacey UMC will be happy to coordinate the items we send with them so everyone gets what they need.

In addition to warm clothes, she said they really need toiletries such as the small size shampoos, toothpaste/brush, and deodorant. They also have volunteer crews that are going out and helping people clean up their homes (if they have homes). Therefore, they also need cleaning supplies. Elaine mentioned specifically needing duct tape and rubber gloves.

I’m certain they will be thrilled to receive anything you can manage to get to them as soon as possible!

As of about 4:15 today this is what their Facebook page shows they are still hoping for:
  • - paper towels - rubber gloves, work gloves
  • - sponges - contractor grade garbage bags
  • - bottled water - blankets
  • - pillows - socks
  • - diapers - baby wipes
  • - disposable face masks - plastic storage totes

Please share this with everyone you know! The folks need help NOW!

Hope to see you at the Post Office Monday!

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