Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Normal

Finding the new normal is going to be hard. After having someone in your life, and being such a huge part of life, for almost sixty years, it’s an odd feeling not to be able to pick up the telephone and hear that familiar sweet voice. It’s weird not seeing, or hugging my daddy, or playing a game of dominoes with him. Not to mention kissing that perpetual five o’clock shadow scratchy cheek. I always loved the opportunity. Those memories will carry me through the days while learning a new normal.

Leaving Dallas today, after being here since that full moon night in January, is going to be hard. Being with Momma, helping her, crying with her, laughing together, remembering wonderful times with Daddy, and both so grateful he’s no longer in pain, has been a blessing. It’s time, however, I go home.

It’s hard to let her go it alone. I have such mixed emotions. I know she’ll be okay. She has over sixty six years of memories to hold on to while she finds a new normal. She’s a strong woman. She’ll show me the way.


  1. Lanetta and Oleta,
    My Daddy died in 1995. He and Mother were married just shy of 50 years when he passed away. Mother was a strong and independent person but of course, it was so different without Daddy being there.
    She said something that made lots of sense and maybe it will help both of you.
    Being as independent as she was, she knew she would make it through life without Daddy, but as with all other parts of life, you have to 'learn' how to do or be something.
    She said she had never been a wife before she married Daddy, so she learned how to be a wife. and now.. she had never been a widow before, now she would learn how to live life as a widow.
    She did just that until she passed away last year, 17 years later. Now they are reunited.
    I know this is very hard, but you will learn the 'new normal' of being without your Daddy..
    HUGS sent your way.

    (wasn't sure how to post this .. hopefully it comes through)

    1. Thank you, Jane!
      It came through in so many ways! I appreciate you taking the time to write, to share, and to send hugs.

  2. You are MOST welcome!


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