Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pass It On!

Do you know how to sew? Can you work a sewing machine? Do you understand the basic sewing instructions found in a pattern? I ask these questions because if you’ve answered yes to all three, then pass it on! I assure you, explaining and teaching the basics to someone else is very rewarding. One is never too young, or old, to learn how to sew!

When old enough to sit on a lap, the basics can begin!

I remember sitting on my Momma’s lap while she made my sister’s “back to school” clothes. Although I was probably only two years old, this experience is one of my first memories. Of course, it took years for me to understand the principles but the love for sewing began early.

The summer of 2012, I had the honor of teaching a few sewing basics to a small group of young ladies.

During Sewing Camp 101, we made a drawstring bag, a pillowcase, and a waist apron. They did so good, too! I hope to continue “So Sew Etc” again someday, maybe next year things will calm down a bit.
I created the So Sew Etc Facebook page. In the “notes” section you’ll find the registration form and instructions I created. Feel free to modify and use for your class! You’ll see the photos, too – all the serious expressions followed by genuine smiles – priceless!

When one teaches, two learn. – Robert Heinlein

 A couple of things the “next generation of sewists” taught me to explain straight away:

Although the sewing machine’s wheel turns both ways, only ONE way is the RIGHT way! Oh my goodness… I had forgotten how quickly the bobbin housing can get all out of whack when turning the wheel the wrong way! Talking about a major stand still when this happens… if I recall correctly, all five ladies did the same thing at the same time! Total shut down!

“Speeding” was another issue we had. I finally realized, when home after the first day and talking about it with my husband, I should explain the proper placement of the foot on the machine’s pedal to better control the speed. The next morning, I gave them the example used when learning to control a vehicle’s accelerator (heel on floor, base of foot/toes controls the pressure). Although none were of age to drive, they will already have this bit of information to carry when they do learn to drive! ;)

For a refresher on basics, and beyond, I highly recommend the website where you’ll find SEW-lutions Guidelines, educational articles on just about everything there is to know about sewing!

In the spirit of “pass it on” – enjoy!

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