Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Creating an Action Quilt - Part 3

Now that all the pieces are cut in various sizes, it’s time to add doo-dads!!!!!!!! This is the fun creative part I absolutely love!

You know what though, sometimes I just don’t like the way something looks with the other “planned” pieces. There are no rules! No ripping out! Just grab another piece of fabric, cut to size, then start over!

On this Action Quilt, I started with the red pet screen (mini screen) to make a pocket. I didn’t want the top of the plastic to be hard or rough on the hands/fingers, so I stitched a narrow binding across the top using a lot of white but complementing the purple.

After reading the article I shared yesterday, about blue-violet was hard to see, I thought the red screen would be perfect on the purple.

I first stitched the red screen across the bottom, attaching it to the purple. Then I added white & red lace (it’s a combined unit I found in my stash) along the side.

Notice where I stitched both sides down 3 times, albeit not that straight, sorry! Anyway, I want it as secure as possible!

Later you’ll see where I took narrow satin yellow ribbon and weaved through the eyelet holes on the red lace. I’ve not trimmed the lace to size – yet! That will come later, when I’m ready to join the pieces. I’m ready now to move on to another doo-dad!

Tomorrow I’ll add a zipper to the Action Quilt!

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