Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Love the Idea!

Remember back, during the first week of National Sewing Month, when I wrote about adding my own flare to something I’ve seen others create? Well, I’m doing it again!

I stumbled upon the idea of a Fidget Book the other day. Of course, I would refer to them as an Action Book for adults with Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, or traumatic brain injury. As I’ve mentioned before, “Fidget” is a derogatory term in my mind.

I’ve never created a “fabric book” before! Of course, I did a google.com search first, then moved to Pinterest to gather some ideas! Oh. My. Goodness. I found LOTS of fabulous ideas!

Not being blessed with having children, through this search I learned the term “Quiet Books” - that is, those that are for children! But, I did find lots of additional ideas (that I pinned) of how and what to incorporate that can be used for adults!

Lella Boutique shares a wonderful photo tutorial on the basic book structure. It’s for a little boy, but can you just imagine doo-dads for an adult – like I do on an Action Quilt??!!! This example has frayed edges…

I’m thinking I want a smooth, finished edge… but how to join together? I really don’t want to use rings, but maybe I’ll have to rather than stitch it together – depends on how thick it is.


Pictures are worth a 1000 words…
Although I found on Pinterest, a website in Russian (I’m sure google would have translated), Baby Blog shared lots of photos that speak VOLUMES!

I believe “Mother Load” is another saying that fits the bill here!

Now, my creative juices are flowing… I’ll figure it out!

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