Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Gathering Ideas for Dedicated Sewing Room

While browsing the internet for sewing room organization tips and hacks, I found something Karen, over at Sew Many Ways, wrote: “Look at something not for what it was MADE for...but what it could be USED for.”

I totally agree!

Throughout her blog, she has many examples how to use items unconventionally. I landed this idea, use a mug tree to hang scissors! I absolutely love this because it keeps them together, and uses little surface space! This is a doable!

Oh. My. Goodness. Her post, Sewing/Craft Room Ideas and Updates, is packed full of great ideas! I highly recommend her blog!
By the way, she shares tips for other rooms, and closets, as well!

Although her space is much much larger than I only have in my dreams, many suggestions she offers I can/will incorporate into mine!

Oh… I hope I can find my cheese board…I certainly don’t use it for cheese any longer!
            You ask, Why?  Check out her oversized button wall decoration! See what I mean? Such cleverness! I just love (and appreciate) people who are so creative, then share their ideas. What a blessing!

I just love what/how Karen used a folded ruler… I know Momma used to have one that was her dad’s… I hope I can find it and she’ll let me have it!

I could spend HOURS going through her blog!

And, while watching HGTV “Fixer Upper” when visiting with Momma this past week (we don’t have fancy tv here at the ranch), I fell in love with a craft table Joanna had made for a client. I copied the picture and emailed it home, to Bud… hoping he’ll make it for me someday!

Another find, found on Positively Splendid, and one that he hasn’t yet seen (I don’t want to shock him into total shut down!) is the perfect cabinet to hold my embroidery machine and serger! I know he can make this beautifully and it would be a treasure!

Okay… back to surfing the net for ideas! I hope everyone has a blessed day!


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    1. You are welcome!
      I just love all the various ideas available around the internet!!!


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