Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Art Attack

Have you ever experienced an Art Attack? It’s like a panic attack, but in the creative sense. Oh. My. Goodness, I sure have! Especially after our Road Trip to the different Quilt Shops around North Texas. Then, spending even the least amount of time on Pinterest really gets my juices flowing! Do you realize how blessed we are to have people share so many fabulous creative ideas?! It can be a bit overwhelming! I want to do and learn so many different things…. my “storage” stash reflects it all!

Okay… slow down, Lanetta…

I’m making a list – what I consider priorities. I’ve learned, however, to be flexible!

Actually, I’ve made several lists…

Then life gets in the way…

Or, a friend contacts me and asks me to do a huge special project for her! How can I say no?

Priorities change…

What joy it can bring to slow down, focus on one thing! While working on the special project (don’t worry, I’ll share later!) has been the best thing that could have happened to me!

The other things I want to do and learn, will come in due time!

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