Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hitting it on the Nail

I happened across an article – the title caught my attention:

10 Emotional stages of making a quilt

If you are a quilt maker, you may identify with the stages she lists:

Stage One - This quilt is going to be superb. Probably my best quilt ever.
Stage Two - I love this fabric. It will be absolutely perfect for my superb quilt.
Stage Three - Do I really like this fabric? Do I have enough?
Stage Four - (Preferably when you can't check) - Did I cut that out all wrong? Have I ruined my quilt already?
Stage Five - Why did I chose this pattern, design and quilt. Why? Why?
Stage Six - This is a quilt fail. A huge fail.
Stage Seven - I am a failure. A huge failure.
Stage Eight - Wait, maybe this isn't so horrible. It might be OKAY.
Stage Nine - Hey, I like this quilt. It's turning out just fine.
Stage Ten - This quilt is superb! My best quilt EVER!

I cannot count how many times I’ve gone through these stages! High Five, Kathy, for putting it into words!

When I came to write this blog post, I couldn’t find her link in my laptop’s history. I did the next best thing, a search on Google! After putting in “emotions of quilt” – of course – I found it!

But, another interesting item caught my attention straightaway: the “Mod Mood Quilt Along”!

I never thought about how colors represent my moods! Isn’t this hitting it on the nail? I do believe so!

While reading more of her website, Sherri at Daintytime wrote: 
Making do with what’s at hand is an accomplishment, a state of gratitude, a rhythm of attention, that feeds the spirit and restores the soul.

Although written in 2010, her inspirational writings hold true today. I highly recommend the read!

What’s the difference between a blanket and a quilt? Grab some tissues and read this sweet story….

Now, with a better understanding of how emotions influence my quilt making… I’m going into the sewing room! A special project is underway… one I’ll reveal once totally done!

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