Friday, July 15, 2011

Half over!

Yes! The struggle through the Hot Hot days and Warm nights are numbered! Positive thinking, I'm thinking! It's 9:30 p.m. and temps have dropped to a cool 95. "Experts" predict a slight chance of rain tomorrow and Sunday... we'll see. A bit ago I was outside walking around the yard with my girls. It was then I realized the now dried out, burnt, dead grass sounds like I'm stepping on/breaking ice. The poor yard's condition is absolutely pitiful. We're doing the best we can keeping the shade and pecan trees watered and that's about it. When living with only access to a well, and with the lack of rain, water is extremely precious.

I found a picture of our girls last year about this time... what a difference...
I don't have a picture from this year near the same weed-filled iris & garlic bed! But, I did take a picture a few days ago of my new hiking/walking boots...
Seriously, this is not a black & white photo!

Anyhoo... while staying inside with the air conditioner running full blast, I finished a project, several others are almost done, and I'm about ready to begin a totally new craft never before attempted! I'll share the secret, process, and result when done!

Custom order Chef Apron & 2 matching dinner napkins - Done! (Picture after gift is given!)
Custom Apron - 90% done
Custom Bag - 90% done
Custom Doll Dress - 95% done

How are you handling the heat? Whatever you're doing, don't forget to drink water!

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  1. Oh seeing the dead grass is so sad....that is how mine looks.


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