Sunday, July 24, 2011


I had never heard of this expression until last Sunday. Not until a friend posted a comment on Facebook responding to my simple post "Vacation Begins" and a further explanation that I wasn't going anywhere! Another friend added her comment, realizing how I am really in the country not to have ever heard of staycation! Apparently, the phrase is all over magazines and this morning I Googled and discovered "about 6,570,000 results" !!! What can I say? I'm in my own little world out here and love every minute!

According to the Urban Dictionary, Staycation is "a vacation that is spent at one's home enjoying all that home and one's home environs have to offer."

Yep! That's what I did from Sunday 7:00 a.m. until Thursday 7:45 a.m.!!!

My beloved husband went up to our 50+ year old Dallas home to do some much needed, long awaited, should have been done a year ago, repairs! The girls and I stayed here at the ranch, staying out of his way!

The almost week went much too fast (as all vacations do!). Adjustments to the 24/7 quiet time came quickly. Before doing anything I wanted, however, I took care of some cleaning chores I'd let slide. Once satisfied I wouldn't be mortified if a neighbor had to come over to help me with an emergency, I set out to do exactly what I wanted to do!

The #1 problem: I had so many things I wanted to do/get done! The hard decision became ~ what to do first!!!

Really, it was simple... I had to make a huge mess!

Several boxes of fabric came out of the closet (aka back bedroom) and I began matching and sorting as to what would go with what. For the most part, I tried for three coordinating prints/solids. I had so much fun spreading the fabric over the kitchen's island, table, and countertops, and not having to worry about putting it all up until I was ready! The kitchen stayed totally destroyed with fabric and patterns and pins and scissors until Wednesday night!

Walking into the kitchen and seeing fabric everywhere was the best thing of my staycation!

Also, two fabulous things that happened, or I should say, DIDN'T happen: I didn't listen to or watch Scrubs or Judge Judy (aka The Screaming Woman)!!!!

Yes! It was a good staycation!

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