Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Do it!

Darn it. I had a great opening line of a new book hit me while riding to Dallas last weekend. I pondered over it for several miles and thought I would remember it forever.


I can only “hear” bits and pieces from the character. She’ll come back, when she’s really really ready. I know this because she has a story to tell.

Someday I’ll learn to write things down. I had pen/paper in my purse, but, again, thought I’d remember because her questioning (yes, I remember she was asking a question) was so strong.

The older I get, the more notes and lists I should make. Life happens. The ole mind switches gears in a heart beat. Concentrate. Reach down and pull out that little spiral notebook. Use it for more than a Wal-Mart or Jo-Ann’s list.

Don’t wait, Lanetta!

Do it!

Do you make lists?


  1. If I don't start writing the moment it comes to me - it's gone!! Then I start wondering later what was so great if I can't remember it again. UGH!!

    Without lists NOTHING would get done.


    1. Ah! It is in the moment - that's when I need to do it. That's how you get everything done! You've given me the inspiration to MOVE and get it on a list immediately. Thanks!


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