Monday, April 8, 2013

A Trashy Purpose

English Lavender
On January 21st of this year, I decided I wanted a new “flower bed” in a location basically worthless growing anything - even grass. The packed, hard ground was only conducive to growing Texas Size Stickers!


I envisioned an area outlined in English Lavender, with only one natural entry into this “space” then filled with rows of herbs and flowering plants to bring in the butterflies. I wanted the area is as far away from the house as I could muster – within the fenced in yard – away from the cows! Oh, and I also want a chair out there, one heavy enough to withstand the south winds, a place to sit and read during the quiet early mornings.

The concept of building a Keyhole Garden, layers of recycled materials to break down over time, is what I was going for when raking leaves, pecans/shells, and collecting cardboard boxes and newspapers. This slow “filling” process began. The plan to work on it a little bit at a time over the next month changed when –

my daddy died a week later.

I spent the entire month of February, and part of March, and some of April already, in Dallas with Momma.

Back home for a bit, while sitting on the front porch with hubby the other day, I mentioned I wanted to start working on the new area again. He looked down there and said something like, “Good. It is trashy looking.” I agree. I know, however, it’s a work in progress.

I got back to it yesterday! And, Oh, My, Goodness! It’s amazing how nice the dirt was underneath the trashy mess! It’s a good thing I left it alone for weeks, to let it “work” and do its magic. I wish now I hadn’t stopped covering & trashing it out back in January. I wish I had made the time to get the space totally covered, so all the area could start the “cooking” process.

It wasn’t meant to be. And, that’s okay. I’ll get it done. Maybe not this year, not like I have it envisioned, but I do have two Lavender plants planted, a chair (although I never know where it will be in the yard the next time I go out), and I do have a book!

Happy Gardening! Happy Reading!

How is your gardening/landscaping going?


  1. So, you're making a second keyhole garden? ~Tammy

    1. Sort of, in a way, except for the rocks! Therefore, it won't be a "raised" bed until I can get some type of edging. The "trash" is really helping break up the dirt, making it much easier to work with and hold moisture! Composting as it goes. Next year, it will be an amazing piece of ground to work with!

      I'm not putting in any kitchen scraps. Just boxes, newspaper, twigs (for air circulation), leaves, and pecans, only because that's what got raked up in the front yard!

      Try it!!!


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