Thursday, January 30, 2014

National Sew Day

This Saturday, the First of February, is National Freedom Day. I agree with the folks over at the Quilts of Valor Foundation when they decided it would be a great day to host its first National Sew Day! Sewists around the country have pledged to work on Quilts of Valor – all day long!

Some are gathering together, combining efforts to create bunches of quilt tops in one day. Others, like me, will be working hard in their own sewing spaces. I decided time spent simply sewing rather than traveling 60 miles (one way), is better for me. I will miss the social aspect, but will make it up on another day!

I cannot express the emotions I had when presenting Quilts of Valor to three Vietnam Veterans last Sunday. The first gentlemen, I had never met before. It was my first presentation. His wife had requested the QOV through the website. “Things” fell into place for me to make the presentation.

He was overwhelmed.
USMC Gerald Cornwell
I was blessed with having the honor.

The second and third Quilts of Valor presented Sunday, I designed and created the tops, all the while knowing and praying for the Veterans who would receive the lifetime award.
US Army, Joe Stephen Kerr
Quilted by Steve Rowe
USMC James T Chiles III (with wife, Karen)
Quilted by Laura Winckel
Before the weekend, the website showed 95,756 awarded quilts.
Less than a week later, as I write this, it shows 96,607!

It’s been a busy week!

However, this number, compared to what is needed, is only a drop in the bucket.

Will you participate in National Sew Day? Make the pledge and register on their website!

Make the “10th Anniversary” block (or two or three) and send to me! I’ll combine with others and make a Quilt of Valor!!! (Email me for my address when you're done! )

Happy Sewing!

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