Friday, July 1, 2016

Code the Stash

While somewhat organizing my sewing room last week, I wish I had seen this code chart I later discovered on the Quilting Digest’s Facebook page! Oh well. I have it now, for next time! There is always a next time!
Anyway, it’s hard to imagine 2016 is half over already! Where in the world has the time gone? Is it really time to start crafting for Christmas?

If that’s your thing, I would say so!

Have you gathered ideas for your loved ones? During the hot days of summer – well underway here in the Texas Hill Country – is when I turn my focus on what handmade gifts for family I would like to do this year!

But, I must keep in mind what several family members have told me:
“I don’t want or need any more “stuff” as I’m downsizing.”

Or, I’ve learned “handmade” is not their thing…

Easy/peasy – they get a gift card. I may can’t control myself, and create a special gift card holder!

For those who I do create a something special, unique, from the heart gift… what will it be?

Off to search Pinterest! I used the terms: “Christmas” “gifts” “homemade” “sewing” and found BUNCHES of ideas!

Then I did a Google search using the same terms and discovered many more sites to check out! It doesn’t matter how old the article may be!

Sometimes omit “Christmas” in your search and you’ll not see all the ornaments, door wreath, and stocking patterns. Rather, you’ll find a great site like I just did when I stumbled upon “Everything Etsy” and her 101 Simple Sewing Tutorials!

Well, I think I have a pretty good idea what I’m going to sew up for gifts! What about you? What will you create?

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