Monday, June 12, 2017

A Tub Full

Here lately I’ve been doing quite a bit of sewing. It all started on Sunday, May 8th and I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment! A few days before I had discovered the closed Facebook group Sew for Kids Volunteers. After reading through their blog, I knew it was a mission I wanted to support.

It’s not just for kids! The woman’s shelter, the Elder Center, and the Veterans are also in need for things I can create and send!

It’s like I’m obsessed with getting things done and mailed off to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation!

I’ve sent two boxes already in the USPS large mailers that “if it fits, it ships” for a bit less than $19.00 (the USPS taking my money said they would have cost over $40 EACH had I not used that special box!). They were filled with children’s books, several fun pillowcases I had made a while back, and a little dress freshly created: 

Anyway, for me, it’s the perfect cause to use up my stash of fabric I’ve had for years!

Although I have a “door full” of items ready to mail, it’s not enough to fill up a box!

Once we got back from Dallas yesterday, I pulled out a tub full of fabric and will work through it this week… 

I just found this list of ways to help provided by the Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation! So many ideas!

Now… off to get busy!


  1. Sew for kids Volunteers a great organization. I've been with them for 2 yrs now. Making my 2nd trip up to the rez this week.
    Forgotten people. Out of sight out of mind, eh U.S. Government?

    1. I have been thoroughly impressed with the love shown by all the members! I'm thrilled to have found this group and such a worthwhile cause!

      Oh, I would love to visit the rez... help Kimmie and the kids work in the garden... give hugs...

  2. I'm a member of Sew for Kids Volunteers the organization. I know exactly what you mean about being obsessed with making and sending things. I am a bit that way too. LOL. It's so much fun making things and imagining the delight of the people receiving them.

  3. Thank you Lanetta J Sprott for blowing our horn about the need for kids on the Rez. Lovely things you are sending but agree that you just need to wait until you have enough to send before you ship to get a good mailing rate. Again thank you as it is people on this group and other groups who are helping us move kids forward, feel good about themselves by the items they need - kids having clothes and school supplies to go to school or participate in sports, moms having resources for babies and children so can feel they can provide for them, and kids warm in the harsh weather in poorly insulated homes and so so ,much more. No amount of help is too little. Helping one person can make a big difference to that one individual and shows someone cares. Thank you Lanetta J Sprott and all of you. Best volunteers on this group!!

    1. You are welcome, Carol! It's been a great adventure that has only just begin!

  4. Welcome to the SFK group Lanetta I found them around Christmas last year and since totally hooked. I don't sew well, but always looking for end of season bargains, I have accumulated enough for next winter that I can't afford the shipping LOL !! I ran across a group of nursing students going to the rez in Aug so maybe able to get them to take some things I have 6 18" dolls I am dressing and making carriers for to send out for Christmas, energetic for me so we will see ! Look forward to "working" with you to support these folk on the PRR Elaine in TN

    1. Hello, Elaine!

      Thank you for the welcome!

      Thank you for all you do! Hope it works out the nursing students take a load for you!

      It's fun practicing skills and learning new techniques on items I know the folks on PRR will appreciate the love and effort we're putting into them! It's a win-win!!!


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