Friday, August 25, 2017

Isn't Enough

Sometimes thinking and dreaming of what to create next isn’t enough.

Sewing for the children attending Marty Indian School in Marty, South Dakota
Creating Veteran’s quilts
Creating Memory Quilts for a friend
Making walker bags
Making aprons
Preparing for an upcoming Christmas Bazaar

One would think it’s enough.

But it isn’t.

My mind races while thinking of all those things going on around me in which I have no control.

I must STOP fretting and worrying about other’s problems along with all the hatred in this world. It’s not doing me any good. In fact, it’s causing me to have issues I certainly don’t need!


I catch myself clenching my teeth together ~ hard! I have to consciously tell myself to relax.

I catch myself holding my breath. I must tell myself to just breathe. Over and Over.

I have recently discovered a very relaxing thing to ponder. It seems to be working!!! It is…

Keeping Chickens!


I’ve subscribed to numerous contributors and watched BUNCHES of youtube videos while in Dallas over the past couple of weeks. I’ve pinned on Pinterest a lot of ideas on this and that. I found & joined two Facebook groups about Keeping Chickens. And, I have read many blog articles on Keeping Chickens.

BUT, the BIGGEST plus of all – Bud (DH) is on board with the idea of us Keeping Chickens!!!

We’ve selected the area for the permanent coop and run! Making plans. Studying what/when to do this and that. Preparing!

Come next spring…

No matter what I’m doing, what I’m sewing on, this is what I now turn my mind to focus upon when the negative tries to enter! It seems to be working things out much better for me!

I’ve created another blog site about our Journey in the Yolk Yard – so I won’t bore you here!

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