Friday, June 10, 2011

The Art of Apron Pockets

I think most would agree an apron needs pockets, except maybe a hostess apron. Although at times, I'm certain the hostess may consider a hidden pocket would be a nice asset! Then the question: What kind of pocket? Where? Size? Style? I wanted to share some of the pockets I've done. It's also my ready reference when my mind goes blank when creating a new apron!

In some cases, I match the pocket to the print:

Sometimes prints have a "natural" piece that make special pockets:

Not the usual... different shapes are fun, too!

Sometimes, such as the Harvester aprons, the pockets need to be HUGE!

And, some are trimmed to draw attention to their "specialness" ...

Pockets ... I love them!

How about you?

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