Saturday, June 4, 2011

Reid’s Super Hero Cape

So many people are such crafty clever folks! I love the Internet and the generosity of people sharing their ideas and how-to’s. While looking for something to make for our soon-to-be six year old grandson, I came across a Super Hero Cape! The perfect gift for a Batman-themed birthday party! Reid’s going to love it!

The original poster provided step-by-step instructions, so no need to re-invent the wheel here! I simply want to share what I did following her directions!

Papa selected which T-shirt from his stash I could use, then I began cutting! First, I cut off the sleeves…

Then up the sides…

Trimmed T-shirt into a cape shape and removed a section from the neck binding.

As recommended, I attached Velcro for the neck closure, but rather than sew it on, I used a fabulous product, Liquid Stitch!

Then I made a logo:
From the T-shirt sleeves, and a piece of lightweight iron-on interfacing, I cut out the Batman shape. After attaching the interfacing, using Liquid Stitch, I attached Batman to a yellow-goldish color rectangle of felt. Once dry, I trimmed the felt into an oval shape.

Using Liquid Stitch again, I attached the logo to the cape’s back. Once it was totally dry, I top-stitched around the Batman and also around the felt’s edge, securing it thoroughly for all the upcoming hero action!

It’s done!

Once I get a picture of the birthday boy wearing his cape, I’ll post a picture here! Better yet, here is a video of the super hero in action:

By the way….
In addition to the Batman Cape, we’re giving Reid a “big-boy” fishing rod/reel. Yes, the little guy snagged the largest fish of all during their visit here over Memorial weekend using a “toy” rod/reel!

His dad became the Super Hero when taking his time pulling in the catfish without breaking the line!

I would love to know if you also make a Super Hero Cape!

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