Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I love Pink!

Yes! I love pink! I’ve shared this throughout various posts. Yes, pink is my favorite color. It’s not to say I don’t like other colors, especially the combination of red/white/blue, but the color pink seems to soothe my soul. There is no color I “hate” as I’ve heard others refer to certain colors. There are some I prefer not to wear, or use to paint a wall with, or even use in accenting my home. But, pink ~ well, I’ll just say again, I painted my entire guest/office/sewing room in a soft pink, trimmed in white. It’s beautiful, if I do say so myself!

The other day I received a brightly flowered padded envelope (something I’d never seen before!) from my sweet cousin, who lives in Colorado. I was thrilled beyond words when I opened the package and discovered several items and a sweet Thank You note.

Oh, my, goodness. Who would have thought – pink leather work gloves! They fit beautifully and arrived just in time for me to wear while helping Bud load some metal! She said when she saw the pink work gloves she just knew I had to have them! Indeed!

In addition to the gloves, Teena also sent two rolls of “fun” duct tape! I didn’t realize duct tape came in different fun colors until she made a comment on Facebook. Not until I opened the package did I realize the tape also has fun print, too! The leopard print, as she later mentioned, is kinda sexy! Indeed! (Too bad tape hurts when pulling off the skin!) Anyway, my mind is racing with all the fun things I can do with the tape!

Again, thank you, Teena!


  1. I've known for years you loved pink. So glad you have fixed your room in pinks.

    Now for the gloves. What a special treat, to receive, as a surprise, Pink Leather work gloves. I have no doubts you will wear these gloves alot, always when the situation requires and maybe just for the feel and to look at "your" color. Also, so fun is the colored and designed duct tape. Teena really listens to what you write and then explores to find products that match! Love you both, my sister, Lanetta, and our cousin, Teena.

  2. Hi, nice to find your blog! I was born and raised in Corsicana Tx. 50 miles south of Dallas. Now I live in BC Canada. My Mother has passed away, so I don't have much reason to go back now, but I will visit your blog when I feel homesick. Take care.


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