Monday, July 25, 2011

Project First Day

It's DONE! The school dress for a little girl (size 6), who lives in Joplin, Missouri, will get the dress I made! I'm grateful to Susan Stewart who started this awesome national community service project! Explained on many blogs, I happened across the event while cruising the net one day. I found the address to mail it to, here. Yes! The dress will be put in the mail today! Thrilled to make the August 1st deadline!

Last week, I started having a panic attack. I didn't realize the deadline to get it to Susan was coming up so quickly, I didn't think I had a pattern. My sister asked, "Are you sure?" so I went through EVERYTHING and found Simplicity 5284!!!

Must have bought it a few years ago because of the backpack (the only part of the pattern that had been used), but I can't, for the life of me, remember who I made it for! Another senior moment!

Anyhoo... the fabric was in the "closet" and I finally found the stash of embroidery floss (I shouted for joy when discovered exactly where I left it a year ago! You may have heard me!!!) and began working on the little dress. Thank goodness it was an easy pattern, since I've not made a little one's dress in about 35 years! I love making yo-yo's so added a couple to the pocket flaps. The hand embroidery around the neckline is a simple chain stitch to add a touch more pink (of course!). While watching commercials lately for back-to-school clothes, I've seen several wearing jumpers. I guess it all works out!

While Bud was in Dallas, Mother quickly shopped Joann's for a couple more patterns and sent back, via Bud. I hope to get these made up soon (but not for the 1st day of school) and send to a friend of my sister's, who lost everything in the Joplin's tornado.

This project made my day/week/year!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I had never heard of this expression until last Sunday. Not until a friend posted a comment on Facebook responding to my simple post "Vacation Begins" and a further explanation that I wasn't going anywhere! Another friend added her comment, realizing how I am really in the country not to have ever heard of staycation! Apparently, the phrase is all over magazines and this morning I Googled and discovered "about 6,570,000 results" !!! What can I say? I'm in my own little world out here and love every minute!

According to the Urban Dictionary, Staycation is "a vacation that is spent at one's home enjoying all that home and one's home environs have to offer."

Yep! That's what I did from Sunday 7:00 a.m. until Thursday 7:45 a.m.!!!

My beloved husband went up to our 50+ year old Dallas home to do some much needed, long awaited, should have been done a year ago, repairs! The girls and I stayed here at the ranch, staying out of his way!

The almost week went much too fast (as all vacations do!). Adjustments to the 24/7 quiet time came quickly. Before doing anything I wanted, however, I took care of some cleaning chores I'd let slide. Once satisfied I wouldn't be mortified if a neighbor had to come over to help me with an emergency, I set out to do exactly what I wanted to do!

The #1 problem: I had so many things I wanted to do/get done! The hard decision became ~ what to do first!!!

Really, it was simple... I had to make a huge mess!

Several boxes of fabric came out of the closet (aka back bedroom) and I began matching and sorting as to what would go with what. For the most part, I tried for three coordinating prints/solids. I had so much fun spreading the fabric over the kitchen's island, table, and countertops, and not having to worry about putting it all up until I was ready! The kitchen stayed totally destroyed with fabric and patterns and pins and scissors until Wednesday night!

Walking into the kitchen and seeing fabric everywhere was the best thing of my staycation!

Also, two fabulous things that happened, or I should say, DIDN'T happen: I didn't listen to or watch Scrubs or Judge Judy (aka The Screaming Woman)!!!!

Yes! It was a good staycation!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Half over!

Yes! The struggle through the Hot Hot days and Warm nights are numbered! Positive thinking, I'm thinking! It's 9:30 p.m. and temps have dropped to a cool 95. "Experts" predict a slight chance of rain tomorrow and Sunday... we'll see. A bit ago I was outside walking around the yard with my girls. It was then I realized the now dried out, burnt, dead grass sounds like I'm stepping on/breaking ice. The poor yard's condition is absolutely pitiful. We're doing the best we can keeping the shade and pecan trees watered and that's about it. When living with only access to a well, and with the lack of rain, water is extremely precious.

I found a picture of our girls last year about this time... what a difference...
I don't have a picture from this year near the same weed-filled iris & garlic bed! But, I did take a picture a few days ago of my new hiking/walking boots...
Seriously, this is not a black & white photo!

Anyhoo... while staying inside with the air conditioner running full blast, I finished a project, several others are almost done, and I'm about ready to begin a totally new craft never before attempted! I'll share the secret, process, and result when done!

Custom order Chef Apron & 2 matching dinner napkins - Done! (Picture after gift is given!)
Custom Apron - 90% done
Custom Bag - 90% done
Custom Doll Dress - 95% done

How are you handling the heat? Whatever you're doing, don't forget to drink water!

Managing Non-Fabric Items

In my quest to find what will work for me in managing trim, notions, tools, and other things, I did an Internet search and discovered so many wonderful ideas! Especially those that don’t require spending money (been there, done that, and I’m still disorganized)!

I’d much rather use recycled materials found about the house! Maybe it will take a little time and a little product to spruce up (so I don’t always see that it was once a cereal box), but no big deal!

Actually, while doing this search I realized how many recycled things I already use, and some I have for years! Here are a few that I have in place:

The lone survivor from a set of tall tea/water glasses I’ve found perfect to hold a 12” ruler, pencils, pens, markers, and the (favorite of all time) turning tools. Glass works well, much better than plastic would because of its weight.

For Christmas ‘10, grandson’s received Hex Bugs. I pulled out of daughter’s trash bin these cool tube-shaped packaging the bugs came in and I knew the minute I saw them (I got 4!), they would hold bobbins perfectly! It’s a pain to dump them all out to get to the one needed, but I can deal with it. I need to take the time to peel the labeling off, make them look nicer. I will, when I don’t have anything else to do! Maybe sweetie would do it? I’m sure if I simply ask… be right back. Yep! He’s doing it!

I've tried twice, while shopping at Wal-Mart, to purchase more bobbins for my Pfaff. Although the packaging says they are for "Pfaff", when I get home, they don't fit! Rather than trek the 50 miles round trip to return them, I use the oversized bobbins to transfer thread off the correct bobbins, to free one up. That way, I have the "right" size with the "right" color I need for a new project. These oversized bobbins I keep in an old moisturizer jar rather than one of my Hex Bug tubes!

When I discovered most of my ribbon spools fit nicely in the box my mid-morning daily dose of Boost comes in, I was thrilled! Of course, they now have changed the packaging. Trust me, the new & “improved” 12-pack container won’t work for this purpose. (Why can’t they just leave things alone?)

Today, I’m going to cover the “Boost” boxes using some fabric and Mod-Podge…dress them up some!

For ribbon/lace off its spool, I cut wide pieces of cardboard and wrap whatever around, stapling at the beginning to hold in place. I use tape to secure the final end (pins tend to rust with our high humidity). I’m working on using plastic from gallon milk jugs because I’m a little concerned about using non-acid free cardboard. What laces I don’t use, won’t survive to become “vintage” lace in years to come!

The "arrangement" isn't working too well... must do something different...

Not too long ago, a friend of my mother’s cleaned out her costume jewelry (and some fine jewelry, too) box of items she didn’t want anymore. She put them in a large baggy and gave the assortment to me! I had so much fun going through the stash! I took some cardboard and punched holes, so clip-on earrings would fit nicely, or dress/hat pins. Larger, single items I put in a smaller baggy. These items will embellish upcoming projects!

I have a collection of vintage tins. I love tins of all shapes and sizes. It’s where I keep items such as loose, single buttons and wooden spools of thread (something you can’t buy any longer)! Some boxes I have are nice, though the insides are messy!

My heart shaped box is not going to cut it much longer as I have twice as many spools of embroidrey thread still in the Joann's sack!

Oh, my thread situation is a total loss...
And this is just ONE tub!

Back to boxes, I have a series of boxes I covered years ago with wallpaper trimmed with lace and ribbon. I think they need a face lift. These are basically empty, or hold quilting supplies I don’t use anymore. I may take the boxes and do their face-lifts, too, while I have the mod-podge out!

I know I need more ways to organize my stash of non-fabric, critical things! I’m constantly looking for new ways, new ideas…

What do you use to organize? How do you store your critical things? Please share your cleverness!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Always Learning

Discovered: July 13, 2011

When designing a website or blog, have you ever wondered what colors best go with an image? The DeGraeve site provides easy/fast/free palette generator based on the image you provide! Simply insert the image's URL and click! I did an example to show of a bicycle I love, and pinned a couple of weeks ago! (Click on the image to get a full screen view!)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What can I say?

For several days now I've played around with the blog's design and attributes, in between working on two special projects. The projects require a considerable amount of handwork, so redesigning the blog gives me a much needed hand break! Please bear with me while I figure out how to post directly to the different "pages" I've created!

Not really knowing what I'm doing in making the blog ~ hopefully ~ better, it's basically a hit/miss type thing, finding out what works and what won't. I've seen so many fabulous blogs, I want one, too!

What can I say? I'm doing this because I've read several articles lately and want to implement their fabulous suggestions. Right now, my two main objectives are:
  1. to help folks easily find articles that interests them, and
  2. to decrease page loading time.
I also want a single place, one location, to gather sites I've found informative. My personal goal is to learn ten new things every day! I don't always make it, but I do stop surfing after finding ten and get other things done! When I find something I want to share, I'll post the link on the Always Learning page! (There isn't anything there, yet! Give me a few days to catch up!)

The About page will be simply about me and Lanetta's Creations, and a few other things I've got going.

Inspire ~ Encourage ~ Create

I've not yet worked out what will be on each of the pages. Honestly, I've gone through and re-read a few prior posts and some of them fit all three! What will I do? Any suggestions of what you think should go where, what page, will be greatly appreciated!!!

I hope the ArtFire Store page is self-explanatory!

Anyhoo... I hope it works!

Seriously, do you have any suggestions? What would you like to read about here? I'd love to hear from YOU!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If you're looking for me

Tomorrow I'll be at Jo-Ann's, Cedar Hill, 11:30ish!

I need to replenish supplies for embellishing items on the to-do list! Only one piece of fabric needed, to make a lushious, deep ruffle around an apron!

Yes, only one piece of fabric... that's the plan anyway!

See you there if you happen to be shopping, too!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday USA !!!

It is such a great day to be an American!

How are you celebrating the 4th of July?
Enjoy the day, stay safe and cool,
and let your heart swell with gratitude!

In celebration, I’ve shared my first Blog Hop!

Someday I hope to start one ~ once I figure out the how-to’s!

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