Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ten New Things

I thought I would share today’s discoveries as I explore the cyber world! I must put a ten count limit on surfing; otherwise I would spend all day learning rather than applying! Sometimes the time looking is all spent in the wee hours of the morning. Other days, I take mini breaks from projects to discover new things or read reminders long forgotten.

(1) I’ve spent a lot of time writing articles for this blog once ArtFire became user un-friendly. My heart sank a few days ago when I went to post but the site was DOWN! It was an “Oh, My, Goodness” moment. Thankfully everything was restored properly as promised!

I’m grateful Sonya Kanelstrand explained (with pictures!) the back up your blog process in an article she wrote for Handmadeology. I’ve done mine and will schedule to do this weekly! I’ve also added this link to my favorites.

(2) I never considered customizing fabric! How fun is that?! I came across an article that uses Karo Syrup (of all things!) and fabric paint! I have some weird solid colored fabrics and this will be a perfect way to utilize them, to customize and transform into a usable product!

(3) Ah! So excited to find this tidbit! I never throw scraps away! Pieces must be less than a half inch before it finds the trashcan. From now on, every gift will have its own Personalized Gift Tag
(4) Another way to customize fabric using freezer-paper stencils. How clever! 

(5) Adding a bit of Vintage how-to’s, where’s, and what’s – fabulous ideas to incorporate, some without spending a dime! 

(6) So thrilled to have found this tutorial. I have such a hard time matching plaids and usually avoid them like the plague!

(7) I love organizing tools! I’ve saved this free download and will print out later. I can see multiple uses for their page. This will be a great way to keep record of projects I’ve completed and sold, and those I have in stock!

(8) Step out of the rut and think outside the box, that’s what I need to do! The Divine Color article inspires me to find colors “that look fresh and unexpected together”.

(9) I’ve not yet used my embroidery machine much, but when I begin learning again, Smart Needle provided many tips I’ll read through first.

(10) Another method of handprinting fabric using the versatile potato! Yes! Tricia Waddell’s Prints Charming is a blast from the past… just like I did when I was a young thing but had totally forgot about!

That's my learning quest for this morning! Not to say I won't happen across something else throughout the day! Folks I've "liked" on Facebook are always sharing fabulous tidbits!

What have you learned today?


  1. Today, I've learned a retro fabric store located near, has reopened and if one is a FB fan you receive 40% off of all New Arrival Fabrics. I don't need any material, but what I want to do is to support this individual in her endeavors to keep this shop open. And, also to support a woman who suffers with "severe winter depression." (This was noted by the owner herself, in an earlier FB post.) Therefore, I will go, look, visit, and perhaps make a purchase to be used as a gift for someone in my life. I think special fabrics are a good gift for those who enjoy doing things with fabric.

  2. Fabulous! Please share her FB page link here for all to see & support!

  3. http://www.facebook.com/#!/rubyjanefabric
    Ruby Jane has alot of online deals...a great way to support if you can't make it to her shop.

  4. I love reading Lanetta’s blog and seeing what she has been up to. The last few days, I have been thinking about being nice to others in ways I don’t usually think of: being more aware of what is going on around me; focus on others instead of self. I am developing a new habit of performing random acts of kindness throughout the day. Just imagine what the world would be like if everyone consciously thought about being kind for no reason. The ripple effect would amaze you! I am making a difference in the world, one day at a time.

  5. Thank you!

    I love your aspirations! What a wonderful mission! You are indeed making a difference in the world!


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