Saturday, May 14, 2011

Celebrate Accomplishments, no matter how small

Today I’ll spend wrapping up any mandatory things to ready the guest bedroom. High School Reunion preparations and distractions have gotten the best of me! I’ve dilly dallied about the organizing. I’m not going to fret over what I didn’t do, but celebrate what I did get accomplished!

I made the time to mod podge the Boost boxes!

It had been a while since I used this glue-like product. I quickly remembered to spread a thin coat first and then apply the whatever. I first used fabric, but the Boost info showed through, so I started over with that one!

I found in my stash, four coordinating scrapbook sheets I wanted for this project – after getting bunches of supplies, I discovered I’m not a scrapper so I'm always finding unconventional uses for the sheets! Anyhoo, I tore the sheets into irregular pieces as needed, to create the decoupage look I wanted.

I love using a foam brush! Also, blocks of wood are tied/duct taped together for my prop. Of course, newspapers protect the work surface. And I only pour out a little bit at a time into a small bowl. Several damp paper towels are also nearby while working on the project.

Once applied, I again spread the mod podge over the colorful print and let it thoroughly dry before filling it full of ribbon spools and rick racks.

I really like the way they turned out.

And, I happened to find a nice already-bent-cardboard divider for the box lid that Connie gave me! I had to trim a smidgen off the length, so used a paper cutter and it worked great!

The white lace trimmings are still a mess and the boxes/tubs of threads are in horrible shape. Packages and scraps of bidding and cording remain jumbled together. I’ll never want for something to do! But now, I want to get back to sewing!

What organizing accomplishments are you celebrating?

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  1. You have really done amazing "upcycling and recyling" to make your sewing area very cute and personalized. I like it, alot.


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