Friday, May 13, 2011

Bully at the Sewing Machine

When in town Wednesday, I picked up the new Arthritis Today. It’s my favorite magazine, ever! They have wonderful, inspiring articles along with very useful suggestions and tips, and how-to’s to make living life with the different types of arthritis manageable.

I absolutely loved the “Whittle your Middle” article! I went to their website in hopes to directly link, but it’s not there that I could quickly find. Although the website is full of great information, the magazine stands alone and is so worth getting!

I know belly fat is not a good thing on so many levels. It’s difficult to work on removing when other issues prevent the traditional exercises! I realize “core exercises help trim your waist and build your strength” and this article has several I can do! In fact, I’m doing one as I write this!!! And, it works while I’m sewing, too!

This is a cool thing to remember that I read on their website: “… general rule of thumb is to baby your joints and bully your muscles.” Dr. Paul Howard, Rheumatologist. It’s nice the magazine shared some workable ways that I can bully my middle muscles while I sew!!!

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