Sunday, May 15, 2011

Personal Promises

I’m thrilled I took the time to organize while moving out of The Studio into the living room and back bedroom (aka walk-in closet)! Yes! As I promised myself yesterday, we now have a “normal” guest bedroom again! ;) ...

One of the last things I did toward clearing out the final bits of fabric was to utilize an amazing product. I totally forgot about purchasing these fabulous items at the Dallas Quilt Show in March!

The Fabric Organizers fit nicely in the bin my sister gave me! I didn’t buy more at the time, not knowing how well they would work for me. Learning for myself how beautifully they display yards of fabric (each will hold up to 10 yards!) and I can so much better “see” what I have, I want oodles more!

This is how I usually store my fabrics, which is not pretty at all:

During this moving/organizing process, I made several personal promises:

Use what I have before buying more fabric! (Difficulty level = EXTREME) This promise will be hard to keep next weekend when I go to Dallas! I have a 20% off entire purchase coupon from JoAnn’s!

Work toward creating something every day! (Difficulty level = MODERATE) Even if it’s a small project, or cutting out a pattern to begin sewing up the next day, I need to do this! Even if life gets in the way, create!

Continue daily to learn ten new things! (Difficulty level = EASY) I love learning something new so this is an easy promise to keep. It’s the way I begin each day, reading what others have shared. Visiting blogs, reading how-to’s, and “window” shopping via the Internet is my way of keeping fresh, inspired, and motivated.

Do you make personal promises? How difficult are they to keep?

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  1. I don't make personal promises, puts way too much stress and pressure on me. Sometimes I make goals with steps to be accomplished along the way. Sometimes I know what I want done and lay out the process for accomplishment. However, most of the time at this stage of enjoying retirement, I just relax...if something gets done, good deal...if not, I'll do it another time, or maybe it didn't really need to be done.


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