Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Moving and Organizing

Over the past few days, my project has been moving my sewing area out of the front “guest” bedroom (aka The Studio) and into the living room near my desk. This is to ready the bedroom for its primary purpose! I’m excited we’re having a couple of family visits coming soon! Spring is the best time to visit the ranch… not too hot, not too cold. But, boy is it windy this year!

I don’t have a normal living room. This long narrow room has three “areas” that serve as:

  1. Seating area: Our two recliners with a coffee table in between. A covered couch for Beth & Anna. Then the media area and a couple of accent tables here and there. Oh, and, the double food and water bowl stand for Beth & Anna.
  2. Bud’s “office” and is the first thing one sees when walking in the front door. (I’ll add… not a pretty sight!) He's in the planning stages of constructing his new Oak desk, which will be awesome!
  3. Against the far end is my “office” and now “sewing area” as I move things into position. I don’t expect to get much actual sewing done until all the visitors have come and gone, but that’s okay. It will look nice and will be ready in case I do end up with a few spare moments!

I’m glad I’m doing this now, taking the time to organize as I go. I’m trying hard not to just stuff things into the back bedroom (aka walk-in closet). Also, I don’t want to trash out this walk-in closet since I recently spent several days organizing that room while Bud was on a solo trip to Dallas! In that process I boxed up bunches of things preparing for a garage / craft sale.

For months the plan was to have this sale on a certain date. Four of us were to go in together. It was like a domino effect… several others made plans based on this date, this sale.

I don’t like to wait until the last minute to get things done, especially when other people are involved and have made plans, too. I don’t want to take the chance of possibly getting sick or breaking a limb, and not feeling like getting stuff together, or running out of time. Not when others are depending on me. I'm thankful I took the time and got everything priced and packed, ready to go.

About ten minutes before I’d planned to start loading the truck with all the boxes (because I was heading to Dallas the next day for this well-in-advanced planned long weekend) I was told it was canceled! Without my knowledge or discussion or input, it had been moved to another weekend. I’d already made plans for that weekend and will not be able to participate.

That’s life.

The boxes filled of what will eventually be someone else’s treasures (I hope!) are now stacked & stuffed in the actual real closets (at the end of the living room) where my sewing inventory should be. I will, someday, have my own garage - yard -craft sale and will then move my inventory and supplies one last time!

Again, that’s life!

Because the guest bedroom doesn’t have any closets (this part of the house was built in 1918, long before built-in closets became the norm), the living room closets are used for guests to hang their clothes. While waiting to clear out the boxes, I’m planning how best to organize things within the closets for my sewing supplies.

Tomorrow’s quest ~ how best to handle displaying and storing trim…

… any suggestions? What do you do?

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