Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What can I say?

For several days now I've played around with the blog's design and attributes, in between working on two special projects. The projects require a considerable amount of handwork, so redesigning the blog gives me a much needed hand break! Please bear with me while I figure out how to post directly to the different "pages" I've created!

Not really knowing what I'm doing in making the blog ~ hopefully ~ better, it's basically a hit/miss type thing, finding out what works and what won't. I've seen so many fabulous blogs, I want one, too!

What can I say? I'm doing this because I've read several articles lately and want to implement their fabulous suggestions. Right now, my two main objectives are:
  1. to help folks easily find articles that interests them, and
  2. to decrease page loading time.
I also want a single place, one location, to gather sites I've found informative. My personal goal is to learn ten new things every day! I don't always make it, but I do stop surfing after finding ten and get other things done! When I find something I want to share, I'll post the link on the Always Learning page! (There isn't anything there, yet! Give me a few days to catch up!)

The About page will be simply about me and Lanetta's Creations, and a few other things I've got going.

Inspire ~ Encourage ~ Create

I've not yet worked out what will be on each of the pages. Honestly, I've gone through and re-read a few prior posts and some of them fit all three! What will I do? Any suggestions of what you think should go where, what page, will be greatly appreciated!!!

I hope the ArtFire Store page is self-explanatory!

Anyhoo... I hope it works!

Seriously, do you have any suggestions? What would you like to read about here? I'd love to hear from YOU!

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  1. Decided not to have separate pages for regular articles! It was too confusing for me!



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