Monday, March 19, 2012

Adapting the Tool

Living independently is empowering! I know lots of folks have various issues causing them to rethink how to do the things they want to do, or once did and want to do again. For me, living with Rheumatoid Arthritis has had its limitations. I’m always finding, adapting, or modifying tools to make creating items for Lanetta’s Creations easier. Items like using a large handled seam ripper to remove basting stitches, or any oops! And, the large wooden handles for my crochet hooks custom made by my husband!

But, doing the deep clean housework has been a challenge for me over the last ten years.

After simply adapting a tool – the squeegee – and quickly cleaning a door’s solid window, I literally did the happy dance! It’s been years since I’ve properly cleaned windows/mirrors without giving up the use of my hands afterwards for days while they recuperated. Why I’m so slow in discovering what/how adapting tools to get the job done, is beyond me.

Thanks to my stepdaughter’s help in cleaning some windows during their Spring Break visit and my sister’s never ending encouragement, then observing how quickly my husband cleaned our truck windshield during a recent road trip, I became extra motivated to figure out how to clean my own windows!

It’s so simple. I’m silly I didn’t think of it before! I did the same thing for the fly swatter…

I started with a $2 squeegee from Wal-Mart:
I found two perfect twigs in the yard and selected the leopard print from my stash of duct tape:
Once the twigs were secured in place, I totally wrapped the handle with the tape and, it was done!
Using a solution of regular white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, the door window now shines!!!

I realize this may not be a big deal to some, but it’s HUGE for me! 

Not that I can/will do all the windows around the house in one day, as Daddy says: Want to leave something to do tomorrow! But I will continue the Happy Dance whenever I do!

What tool have you modified, adapted to fit your needs? How did you do it? Please share!

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