Friday, April 20, 2012

Food for Thought - Maybe

Just a few different styles offered at Lanetta's Creations

During the last Arts and Crafts show, a lady (I’m guessing her age to be mid to late 60’s) stopped by and visited with me for a few minutes. She had glanced through the assortment of different styled aprons I offered then turned to me with a wide grin and began, “My grandmother always wore aprons. I remember her vividly putting one on in the morning, then wearing it all day long. She would wipe my face with its hem or wrap my arms within it’s skirt when I was cold.”

She went on telling me of other memories her grandmother’s aprons brought to mind and I carefully listened and watched her facial expressions as she shared. The memories were indeed pleasant and appeared to bring great comfort to this lady’s soul.

When she paused, I simply asked, “Are you creating such lovely memories with your grandchildren?”

The lady laughed. “Oh, no. I just brush my hands off on my jeans and keep going about my business.”

I’m sure the memories she is creating with her grandchildren will be fondly remembered by them when they are her age. But it’s too bad it doesn’t involve an apron (any apron, not just one of mine) as I saw the joy in her eyes, her entire face, remembering her grandmother and all the lovely memories that simple apron brought.

Maybe my asking gave her food for thought. Maybe…

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Never a Waste of Time

The Arts and Crafts Show didn’t go as well as I, or anyone participating, had hoped. Hardly anyone came. I would bet less than a hundred people visited the show all day long. The sponsored committee members were also heartbroken with the poor results. They did a great job in organizing, especially chairperson Joyce, and did their best in pre-advertizing, but folks just didn’t have the interest, time, or money. I realized, being Easter weekend, too many competing events around the area going on at the same time effected the show. It’s always a gamble, we (the vendors) just happened to lose this one.

It’s never a waste of time, however! There are always new vendors to meet and visit with, renew friendships with vendors met before at other events, and see the beautiful smile on a little one's face wearing my handmade apron!

Her mom told her to pick one she liked. I said she could try it on. Dad wanted her to try on another, just to make sure. Cutie refused to take off her first choice. Mom said she wants that one. Dad tried a couple more times to convince her to try on more. Cutie stuffed her fisted hands deeper in the pockets, shaking her head. Mom wrote the check. Dad walked away mumbling. Cutie skipped away. Mom smiled. It was a priceless moment for me!

 Another plus… the drive along our road toward Lampasas always brings peace –

P.S. Never take for granted life’s fleeting moments, as that IS a waste of time!




Resurrection Day

Yes! He is Risen!

It’s the beginning of life’s renewal because I believe.
Thank you Sweet Jesus.
P.S. I pray everyone has a blessed day!

Friday, April 6, 2012

New Line

Here of late it’s been difficult keeping focus on the Arts and Crafts show that begins today and runs through tomorrow. Although I’m excited to participate and meet new people, my thoughts have been running amock. Lots of highs and lows going on in the midst of brain fog. My last post, Lack of Focus, touched on it a bit, so now I’ll simply share an update.

I have managed to create a couple of new lines utilitzing beads:  zipper pull charms and eyeglasses leashes! 
Created a total of 8 (but one is mine!)
My bead stock is/was overflowing!

Based on my goals of downsizing and becoming clutter-free, I wanted to produce items I hope others will enjoy. I know I thoroughly love my new eyeglasses leash! Oh, and the zipper pull looks fabulous on my Bible cover, too!

I created a couple of chef aprons that little boys would wear…
And that’s about it. Not everything I’d hoped to have accomplished by now. Hopefully, come Sunday, my focus will be come clearer.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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