Friday, April 6, 2012

New Line

Here of late it’s been difficult keeping focus on the Arts and Crafts show that begins today and runs through tomorrow. Although I’m excited to participate and meet new people, my thoughts have been running amock. Lots of highs and lows going on in the midst of brain fog. My last post, Lack of Focus, touched on it a bit, so now I’ll simply share an update.

I have managed to create a couple of new lines utilitzing beads:  zipper pull charms and eyeglasses leashes! 
Created a total of 8 (but one is mine!)
My bead stock is/was overflowing!

Based on my goals of downsizing and becoming clutter-free, I wanted to produce items I hope others will enjoy. I know I thoroughly love my new eyeglasses leash! Oh, and the zipper pull looks fabulous on my Bible cover, too!

I created a couple of chef aprons that little boys would wear…
And that’s about it. Not everything I’d hoped to have accomplished by now. Hopefully, come Sunday, my focus will be come clearer.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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