Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blog Tours

Have you ever taken a blog tour? I just completed one hosted by Sewing with Nancy and various contributors. I thoroughly enjoyed learning different sewing and embellishment techniques. The focus was on doll clothes but all aspects shared would apply to fashion sewing for children and adults as well. I touched on it in my last blog post.

Today, I stumbled upon a video blog tour hosted by Sew Beautiful Magazine over Basic Heirloom Techniques.
I had done a search for a specific technique I plan to start implementing in some of my doll dresses. After watching how to do Pintucking, I accidentally found this tour!!! I immediately subscribed to their videos, wanting to keep up with their offerings! Then I went down their list of videos and found Part 1, 1 of 3.

Yes! I’m going to start at the beginning! Oh, learning different techniques is such an awesome thing!

P.S. If you've taken a blog tour, please share the link with us! 

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