Thursday, July 26, 2012

Original Articles Found!

Ah! Yesterday I realized my original blog over on ArtFire, somehow all the articles I'd published in 2010 & part of 2011 (before I threw up my hands and came over here totally) were in "draft" mode! Meaning no one but myself could see/read them! Bummer! Anyhoo... I've created a new page here "Lost Articles Found" (I know, clever title!) and am working on transferring everything onto one long long page! I can't figure out a better way!

Right now I'm focusing on the words and links and will add photos later. I don't know if anyone will ever go and read the page, but I want it there for safe keeping. It's part of me, of Lanetta's Creations. I'm not sure how much longer I will have the ArtFire studio. I'll always have blogger!

Bless its heart, Blogger keeps choking as I've had to reboot twice! Maybe a different site altogether would be better? I don't want to slow down the upload for anyone when waiting for the current postings. What do you think?

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