Friday, July 26, 2013

Momma vs Mother

Since I can remember, I always called my daddy, Daddy. I don’t know why, but since I can remember, I would call the woman who gave birth to me, Mother.

This changed a few years ago.

One day while eating at a restaurant, “Mother” asked me why I didn’t call her “Momma” and I didn’t have a clue. After listening to her, I realized she thought I didn’t feel as close to her as I did Daddy, not with the same loving tenderness as I had for my daddy.


I grew up calling both paternal and maternal grandparents: Papo and Grandmother, not “Granny” or “Mee Maw” or “Oma” or whatever. The “mother” always had a bit more formality than the men. I don’t know why.

Until that day, it had never occurred to me she felt that way. I’m glad she opened up and asked me, and I listened. I’m thankful and blessed for the time since then to call her Momma.

Now and forever, my momma she will be!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Wearable Napkin

They are in the mail!

My sweet 84 year young mother is in a rehabilitation facility recuperating from a fall she took on July 9th. After surgery the following day to repair her left femur, and a few days in the hospital, she’s now discovering muscles she’s not used in years while maneuvering the wheelchair and walker! Every day she is a bit better and stronger. Praise the Lord!

She's wearing the Hawaiian Artist Smock/Apron I created for her before her fabulous
trip to Hawaii a couple of weeks before the fall!

During the interim, sitting up straight in her wheelchair while eating meals has been a challenge due to other physical issues she has unrelated yet aggravated by this fall. While sharing a meal with her last week, she dripped and spilled food down her blouse.

Dabbing up the trail of syrup here and there, and laughing at herself, she said, “I guess I’m going to need a bib like Wouida wears.”

Well, my momma will never wear a “bib”!

Wheels began turning in my head to create something else with the same purpose, but not to look like a "bib" in any form or fashion!

Drum roll, please! Announcing the

“Wearable Napkin”!!!
Pocket for cell phone is behind the black dress with white dots -
see the cell phone barely sticking out? It does slip all the way down, but I pulled it up some to show!
I used a terry cloth towel for the bottom "skirt" 

Besides being a "so momma print" - I kept in mind what others across the table will look at and read!
Wish I could be a fly on the wall when she wears this for the first time!

Reversible!  Only difference between the 2 sides is the pocket size/placement.
Just like wearing a "real" apron, the neck tie only needs to be tied once!

I came up with two similar styles and have ideas for a bit different ones in the future.

Keeping in mind busy prints makes for hiding spills and drops!
            Like a camo print for men?

Also, she likes to keep her cell phone close. I applied a pocket (matched within the print) on the upper left side sized especially for her phone.

They are in the mail to her! She should get them tomorrow at the latest!

I can hardly wait to hear what she thinks! I've told her they won't be a thing like Wouida's!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

How much longer?

Are you wondering how much longer it is until National Doll Day?

Join the celebration! National Doll Day on facebook!

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