Friday, July 26, 2013

Momma vs Mother

Since I can remember, I always called my daddy, Daddy. I don’t know why, but since I can remember, I would call the woman who gave birth to me, Mother.

This changed a few years ago.

One day while eating at a restaurant, “Mother” asked me why I didn’t call her “Momma” and I didn’t have a clue. After listening to her, I realized she thought I didn’t feel as close to her as I did Daddy, not with the same loving tenderness as I had for my daddy.


I grew up calling both paternal and maternal grandparents: Papo and Grandmother, not “Granny” or “Mee Maw” or “Oma” or whatever. The “mother” always had a bit more formality than the men. I don’t know why.

Until that day, it had never occurred to me she felt that way. I’m glad she opened up and asked me, and I listened. I’m thankful and blessed for the time since then to call her Momma.

Now and forever, my momma she will be!

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