Saturday, March 29, 2014

Where did it go?

Have you tried the Disappearing Nine Patch quilting block? Oh my goodness! It is magic! I found the Missouri Quilt Company’s tutorial on YouTube a while ago and hadn’t tried it until this week. Absolutely love it! By the way, if you're wanting to learn how to piece quilts, or learn new/quick tricks/tips, I highly recommend their videos!

I did one thing differently than what Jenny shows us ~

I didn’t have nine different colors/prints, only six. I wondered what would happen, so I tried! I love how it turned out…
Three "Disappearing Nine Patch" blocks
This is the “recipe” I used, keeping the same arrangement before and after on each block made:

Prepare nine patch as normal –

Cut pieces into 3.5” squares (or whatever consistent size you prefer)

Stitch 3 squares together (using 1/4” seams)
Stitch the 3 rows together

You now have a 9.5” block with raw outside edges

Cut in half horizontally
Cut in half vertically

Flip the cut pieces around and arrange as desired. Sew the now four patches together! (You may notice, this is arranged differently than what was used on the quilt. That's okay because these "extra" pieces are going on another project!)

WARNING: The block will now measure 9” with raw outside edges (giving you a 8.5” finished block – which can throw you off if you’re wanting a finished 9”)

NOTE: I’m wondering… if I had originally cut the squares 4” – would it work out to be 9.5" unfinished? Maybe I'll try it again, just to see! I'm not good at math... 

Bottom line, don’t worry about having all different colors to make this cool disappearing nine patch block!

I think it turned out nicely, giving the splash of color I was looking for to lengthen this Quilt of Valor top I created for the Last Man Standing.

Try it! I think you'll enjoy the magic!

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