Thursday, March 13, 2014

I Thought

Okay, I got it. God says, “No.”

I thought it was a good idea but with all the roadblocks He has put up, I get it now.

I now realize the problem is that “I thought” and it is not in His plan for me. Understanding the whisperings are difficult, then when He shouts it, I hear it plainly.

Sometimes the “No” answered prayers aren’t realized immediately, but this one I get – and before it’s too late. I may not understand the why, but it’s not my job to understand. It is my job to accept He has another plan.

Thank you, Sweet Jesus.

I’ll Be Still. 


  1. I believe, God doesn't put the roadblocks up...God is with you as you encounter these obstructions, giving strength to wait for the roadblocks to be removed, or to take another direction.

    1. Thank you for your perspective. They are words to consider and contemplate while waiting for the obstructions to clear!


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