Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fabulous Support Group

As 2014 comes to a close, I’m thankful it’s been a great year of discovery, of finding like-minded folks! In October, I created a “closed” group on Facebook, the Lone Star of Texas Quilts for Others. The membership is full of supportive and encouraging people sharing the same goals as we journey through creating quilts for national and community based service endeavors.

The collective group creates quilts to honor and comfort our Veterans and Active Military, for children and adults in need of a hug, and even Veteran Service Dogs who are instrumental in the emotional wellness of our veterans.

Sometimes we have questions, or someone is looking for something specific…

Like this morning… I had a longarm stitching question… wondering what I was doing wrong writing with the machine and within minutes, two members explained what I was doing, and what I needed to do!

I can’t recall how many times someone has requested specific print fabric needed and someone else has it in their stash – ready to mail it out if it will work!

Oh, and don’t forget the math questions…

And, the wonderful tips to make a quilt design easier…

And, oh, all the creative ideas that runneth over!!!

I’m thankful for this fabulous support group!

Are you like-minded? Join us!

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