Friday, January 23, 2015

Action Quilt (aka Fidget Quilt)

Several weeks ago, a friend called my attention to a newspaper article about a lady creating Fidget Quilts. La Mon knows me well. She knew it would interest me. I went on a Facebook search, and found Fidget Quilts, by the same lady the article featured!

I then did a Pinterest search… oh my goodness, lots of folks are making them! What a great idea ~ to help those with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s keep their hands busy, things to fiddle with while they still can.

Even “Sewing with Nancy” has a blog entry “Sew an Alzheimer’s Activity Mat”. I like the clear plastic pocket where a photo could go. I understand zippers are important, and I like the way Nancy used different machine embroidery stitches to attach the zipper.

As long as the felt is washable, and doesn’t fade, I like the different textures this provides:

Several folks on Etsy are creating “fidget” something or the other quilts… and they are charging outrageous prices. I’m sorry. I just can’t see doing this, charging anything other than minimal shipping and handling to get it to the caregiver.

I did an Internet search and found a blog article called Nancy’s Beginnings from a couple of years ago on a quilt guild creating the Fidget Quilts for community service! Yes! She’s also provided lots of fabulous ideas.

And, I found other articles going back to 2009. So, I’m late to the party… again!

However, I personally don’t like calling it “fidget quilt”.

I believe it sounds more positive for an adult to call it an “Action Quilt” … and is what I’m calling those I create! Lord knows I have the supplies. I’m thrilled to discover productive ways to use the materials I readily have available.

January has been a weird month…

I wrote it all out, then deleted… just trust me!

Suffice it to say, time spent in Dallas so far this month I couldn’t sew, so I did the next best thing – I planned! I created a Pinterest board, Action Quilts, where I’ve been pinning different ideas to incorporate. I’ve also learned about adding different tactile attributes to the quilts. Sometimes it’s a simple embellishment like ribbon folding or weaving, or using ruffles or scallops, in a variety of fabric textures. So many ideas! It keeps me going when I can’t sew…

I know I have several quilts to quilt for our Veterans (and a few tops under construction to finish), but I so want to make at least one Action Quilt very soon. Maybe, once my energy level returns to normal after also experiencing the flu over the past couple of weeks, I can gather supplies together and make a “kit” for the next time I’m off to Dallas to be with my mother! I can weave ribbon without sewing. I’m sure there are a lot of things I can do without having a sewing machine… all in preparation of creating Action Quilts!


  1. Hi. first of all I want to say....I love your name. I am a Lanette. very close in spelling....don't find too many of us do we? love that you are calling them action quilts as well. I have started these recently since my mom had her stroke this past July. I can really see the need for them in the nursing home where she is right now. also there is such a need for pretty and bright colored adult bibs. you should see what most places have. dull old bath towels hanging around their necks. come on!!!!! let's get some color and happiness in these people. thanks for all you do.

    1. It's nice to meet you Lanette! We sure don't find many of "us" !!!

      I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. Yes. Action Quilts are a great thing to help those once busy hands! I'm thrilled you have started making them as well! I've done a complete series on creating "Action Quilts" and hope you click on the label Action Quilt to see them all!

      Also, I refer to the adult bibs, as "Wearable Napkins"! You can search my blog and see what I've posted. Very bright and cheerful!

      I've made a custom Action Apron for a sweet lady who needed to keep her hands away from picking at her face and pulling at her hair. I've heard back from the daughter and her mom is thoroughly loving the doo-dads and her face has cleared up!

      If you do Facebook, find Lanetta's Creations and share your Action Quilts with me!



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